June 2, 2014

my crazy jewelry storage

I am forever looking for creative jewelry storage solutions. Although I love my colorful, eclectic mix of non-precious jewels, I don't want them taking over. Especially in our small bedroom, I've struggled with this and have tried all kinds of different ideas, from hanging necklaces from nails to draping around our bedposts (which I still like, but also like to mix it up!).

As I was prepping for this week's photo shoot, I went out on a mission one day with a focus on a few specific loose ends. This was one of them. I wandered through thrift stores, Ross, HomeGoods, etc. with an eagle eye for some good solutions…and found a few, yay!

You may remember that I LOVE to hang beads anywhere and everywhere around the house. This works great for longish beaded necklaces, but not for everything. Like earrings! Especially earrings. What do other people do? Please share! I like these cute hooks below, but it's not super practical as it doesn't hold a lot. I actually hung this one in the bathroom to spread things out a bit.

I realize the look is still a pretty maximalist one, and is not for everyone, but it worked for me! This elephant stand, above and below, is so the perfect dude for our house (although a bit hidden :)).

I actually meant to take a few things away throughout the photo shoot, so that some shots would be a little calmer, but in the craziness I don't think this happened! Whoops!

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  1. Love all your jewelry pieces and how you have them displayed! Fab!!


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