August 29, 2013

a few more thrifted finds....

I mentioned earlier this week that I would share a few more of my recent thrift store bargains. In that post you saw a little peek of these camels... and can you believe them?!

My mom and I found this crazy goodness at a Salvation Army when I was visiting Michigan a few weeks ago. I spotted a sliver of one of the camels, tucked away on a bottom shelf. Carved wood usually catches my eye, camels even more so... and I was not disappointed!! Up until that point, I was passing on a lot of decent finds, knowing I didn't have extra room in my luggage. For this one though, I made room. :) I'm actually not sure what it's meant to be (and would love to hear ideas/knowledge on the subject!). We thought bookends perhaps, but the hinges aren't quite strong enough to be super functional bookends (although they may have been once upon a time).... and for now, I'm making it work.

Check out the engraved detail....

This is one of those pieces that I'll be happy to take good care of until the perfect spot in a client's project comes along, which will be just as fun!

And keeping with the exotic animal theme, meet the zebra...

Two of these were picked up, and again I'm using as bookends (well, using just one at the moment). 

Loving the whimsy they lend to the kitchen. But wouldn't they be AWESOME in a kid's room?! Yes, indeed they would.

And my last show and tell today - a bit random, but pretty pretty cool, I think. They'll go in my husband's office, probably displayed something like this, propped casually on the bookshelves. 

I have no idea what they say, so please feel free to translate! ;)

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August 28, 2013

progress & plans

Hi guys! I'd love to share some preliminary plans on my newest clients' rooms. We're technically working on two rooms, but the living room includes a separate office nook which we're carving out of a corner, so it's taking the form of its own separate, cozy area - which I love! Let's walk through the plans so far...

I'll be excited to share before and afters of this one! The walls are painted a pretty pale gray, but this color actually does nothing for the room. There's not much natural light, and the color reads a little flat. I initially was stuck (really stuck) on painting the walls, but for multiple reasons this wasn't the smartest choice for now. So... I have my work cut out for me and am looking forward to the challenge! This room design will be a great example of the power of strategically placed lighting, as well as the right dose of color and textures bringing new life to a room. My clients want to keep the amount of color minimal, and I'm really excited about the direction of this calm palette. This design layout you see above is actually missing a couple of VERY fun elements we'll likely include, so stay tuned for these thrilling updates. ;)

This also does not capture the complete plan, but most of the major pieces. They already have a really great sofa which is similar to the one pictured, but a tad less boxy - this is just a placeholder to help with the visual. The living room's size is cozy to say the least, and we need to squeeze every inch of useful space out of it! The piano is there already, and all three family members use it daily (how cool is that?!) They're looking for more storage, which the upholstered bench provides. We're bouncing around a few additional storage ideas and will see how this all shakes out.  As you can see, we're keeping the color scheme simple here as well - they're really drawn to a calm, neat look, especially in the tight quarters of this space. 

Most of the office area's exact pieces are still up in the air - these are items representing the general feel we're going for. I'm on the lookout for a really interesting table/desk and am super optimistic about finding the perfect one. When you walk around the corner into their living space, this nook is straight ahead, and we're looking for the desk to act as a bit of a statement piece. Unique, at least. I'll know it when I see it - can't wait! This nook needs to be a super duper organized/storage powerhouse as well, thus the different types of shelves anywhere we can squeeze them in!

So, there's the brief and extremely abbreviated summary for you! Can't wait to share more as they develop. Would love to hear what you think!

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August 27, 2013

as promised... (a few of last week's thrift finds :))

On Saturday, I posted a picture on instagram of these GORGEOUS little trays and mentioned that I'd be blogging about them 'later.' Oops. (I actually did start this post on Saturday, but then life happened...) 

SO, I really really just want to share these beauties with you so let's get to it. You guys, you know I get so giddy about my thrifted bargains, and I know it's kind of silly... but when $1 can bring this much beauty into my home (or someone else's!), I can't help but get excited! 
Can you relate at all? Am I the only one??
It's hard to tell, but they're made out of a tin-like material. And yes, I'm taking very good care of them for now, as perfect additions to my jewelry storage.... but will also be thrilled when they find a home in a client's project at some point.
The attention to detail...even on the bottom!!!
Inspired? I would seriously LOVE to design a nook or vignette around these - let me know if you're game!

And let's squeeze a few more goodies into this post for good measure....
I am convinced that food tastes better when displayed beautifully.
Looooove this basket, also scored for just over $1. Can never have too many good-looking baskets, trays, bowls around to turn any old pile into a pretty display.

And, this teapot!! I saw a photo recently of a moroccan-themed tea party and this is going to be the jumping-off piece. (Think: everyone on the floor with big floor pillows, mixed-and-not-so-matchy prints everywhere, lazily sprawled guests nibbling and sipping to their hearts' content... want to come? :))
Very simple but super classic staple for any kitchen....
And that's not all! But it is all for today. :) Just one last teaser for the next round of super special thrifted bits... what is this camel doing? ;)

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August 22, 2013

rug party

I'm researching rugs for a client, and just had to share that Urban Outfitters has all of these (and more!) amazing rugs at the moment. Very excited to snatch up a few of these, and while keeping our budget down - they're all SO reasonably priced. If you're in the market, head on over....


I took a walk this morning. A pretty good one. Some serious stairs, hills and the like. It got my heart pumping, some muscles burning and I prayed for my family, my city, my husband, my church family.

Recently, I've lost focus and momentum in the exercise category, and as I faced a particularly daunting set of stairs, it hit me again just how necessary it is to push ourselves.

When I allow myself to remain stagnant, I don't stay the same - I, in fact, collect unwanted baggage. When I settle into yesterday's progress or successes, not only is forward progress stalled, but it's way too easy to slide backwards, into the comfort, the familiarity, of the old. At first, it doesn't seem so bad. After all, I know this place. I've been here before - have spent way too much time here - but for a time I forget that it wasn't a place that treated me well.

Yes, this applies to moving our body, taking care of our joints and muscles, skin and heart. And that's important.

But I'm also all too aware that when I choose to ignore those nagging thoughts, challenging relationships, struggles and tension points within my heart, I am doing myself a disservice. Just as failing to exercise results in unwanted pounds and loss of healthy, strong muscle (which was a result of hard work!), ignoring these heart issues drags me down, pulls me back to where I don't want to be.

I have seen and experienced so much stretching and growth and progress and forward momentum. I recognize miracle after awesome miracle in my life and those around me. I believe with everything within me that there is a move of God happening in San Francisco that is nothing short of history-making, and for some reason, I get to be a part of it.

But please hear me: I am in process. There are issues that come up again and again and that want to destroy me, but I'm not giving in. I pray. I refuse to be comforted by what tempts me as familiar or what once was comforting. I memorize scripture and speak it over myself and my struggles. I reach out to those who I know will support and encourage, speak truth, light and life into my stubborn flesh. Turning music on is a great tool as well - but be wise with this. Would you let any old stranger speak into your life, not knowing anything about the way they live their life? I have enough struggles of my own and choose not to open my heart up to the emotional weight and issues of others. What I will allow is life-giving worship and truth that will refresh, nourish, feed my thirsty soul.

I know, I believe, I trust that there's so much more, and that I won't get there by relying on yesterday's stuff. I want what's next, to live my life to the fullest, to not be limited by my human eyes. And I'm excited.