August 27, 2013

as promised... (a few of last week's thrift finds :))

On Saturday, I posted a picture on instagram of these GORGEOUS little trays and mentioned that I'd be blogging about them 'later.' Oops. (I actually did start this post on Saturday, but then life happened...) 

SO, I really really just want to share these beauties with you so let's get to it. You guys, you know I get so giddy about my thrifted bargains, and I know it's kind of silly... but when $1 can bring this much beauty into my home (or someone else's!), I can't help but get excited! 
Can you relate at all? Am I the only one??
It's hard to tell, but they're made out of a tin-like material. And yes, I'm taking very good care of them for now, as perfect additions to my jewelry storage.... but will also be thrilled when they find a home in a client's project at some point.
The attention to detail...even on the bottom!!!
Inspired? I would seriously LOVE to design a nook or vignette around these - let me know if you're game!

And let's squeeze a few more goodies into this post for good measure....
I am convinced that food tastes better when displayed beautifully.
Looooove this basket, also scored for just over $1. Can never have too many good-looking baskets, trays, bowls around to turn any old pile into a pretty display.

And, this teapot!! I saw a photo recently of a moroccan-themed tea party and this is going to be the jumping-off piece. (Think: everyone on the floor with big floor pillows, mixed-and-not-so-matchy prints everywhere, lazily sprawled guests nibbling and sipping to their hearts' content... want to come? :))
Very simple but super classic staple for any kitchen....
And that's not all! But it is all for today. :) Just one last teaser for the next round of super special thrifted bits... what is this camel doing? ;)

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