October 7, 2014

color couples with Chairish

Chairish has quickly become one of my favorite go-to sources to find unique pieces for clients.  They've done an amazing job curating a diverse, interesting and practical inventory…and the fact that it's ever-evolving makes it that much more impressive. I can always count on finding just the thing, whether it's an accent chair, lighting or accent tables.

What you might not know is, they also have a blog. When they recently asked me to share their post on "color couples," I was happy to do so! The color pairings they've pulled together, below, got my wheels turning about interesting color combos. First, I was inspired to pull together some of my favorite images highlighting Chairish's featured "color couples"…

Then, I couldn't help but have some fun with a little color exercise of my own.  I set out to create a couple of rooms featuring bits of pink or purple, with the goal that the rooms not feel feminine… and of course using a few key pieces found on Chairish!

I realize not every guy would go for this, but it was fun to find masculine elements to ground the pink found in the rug. To me, the velvet lumbar pillow kind of bridges the gap between the pink family and the darker tones. And while the artwork has softer tones to help bring the room together, it feels very edgy and masculine. The deep-seated linen sofa keeps things from getting too serious - comfort is always a priority in my book. (For some fun accent chair browsing, be sure to pop over to their site -- I'm telling you, so many great pieces!!)

For this simple, sophisticated dining room, I imagined the artwork as the starting point. Pull in a subtle purple rug and then pile on some stylish neutrals.

Which color pairings are inspiring you lately? With the change of seasons, are you feeling darker colors, or maybe neutrals? Don't be afraid of color... life's too short for that.

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September 2, 2014


Stopping by with a few updates from my life as of late…

Last week, I helped a client install a gallery wall. She has an amazing art collection, and it was a treat to arrange about thirty pieces throughout her home. Most were included in this large wall in the living room, with a few others elsewhere in the house. I wish I could have captured a picture of this entire wall for you! It's quite a sight.

I've also been out and about a lot over the past few weeks - antiquing, thrifting and sourcing at various stores. A few goodies that caught my eye...

And lastly, we've spent a few evenings with friends and my sister (my only immediate family who's local), which I've really appreciated. I took an unintentional break from email for just over a day (I know - not the longest break!) and was reminded that I need to do this more often! Running my business, I tend to work a lot of weekends and it's easy to get sucked into this habit. The way I'm wired, I definitely need breaks and am determined to do better with this! Hope you're well and enjoying these last bits of summer!

August 27, 2014

client family room inspiration

If you follow me on instagram, you may have caught this design board I posted a few days ago. It's strictly depicting the inspiration stage of this project, but I love the direction we're headed. It's definitely an eclectic blend, which you know I love. It's mid-century meets traditional... with some surprises thrown in. Can't wait to see this one evolve, and come to life!

August 26, 2014

I have a website!

If you've been around here for any length of time, you've heard me mention my in-the-works website. My dad very graciously agreed to build it for me (a project that was completely daunting to me!), and after many, many hours of hard work, it's in a place where I'm able to share, so please do stop by and check it out! My goal is that we'll be building it out as time goes on (more portfolio photos, tightening up some technical elements, etc.), but for now, I'm definitely thrilled to have a website dedicated to my business. Next steps include figuring out the best way to link my blog to the site and other technical considerations… exciting stuff. ;) (I'm not particularly gifted or patient when it comes to these types of details, which is why I'm so relieved to have my dad to help!)