August 27, 2014

client family room inspiration

If you follow me on instagram, you may have caught this design board I posted a few days ago. It's strictly depicting the inspiration stage of this project, but I love the direction we're headed. It's definitely an eclectic blend, which you know I love. It's mid-century meets traditional... with some surprises thrown in. Can't wait to see this one evolve, and come to life!

August 26, 2014

I have a website!

If you've been around here for any length of time, you've heard me mention my in-the-works website. My dad very graciously agreed to build it for me (a project that was completely daunting to me!), and after many, many hours of hard work, it's in a place where I'm able to share, so please do stop by and check it out! My goal is that we'll be building it out as time goes on (more portfolio photos, tightening up some technical elements, etc.), but for now, I'm definitely thrilled to have a website dedicated to my business. Next steps include figuring out the best way to link my blog to the site and other technical considerations… exciting stuff. ;) (I'm not particularly gifted or patient when it comes to these types of details, which is why I'm so relieved to have my dad to help!)

August 14, 2014

ah, mexico

We love Mexico. The colors, the culture, beaches, heat, laid-back vibe, sun and the markets full of fun treasures! It's on my mind like crazy as we are headed there next month (to celebrate our ten-year wedding anniversary!!) and are both so excited. And you're not going to believe this (we hardly can)... the trip was gifted to us, generously and extravagantly!! We're headed to a few spots in Mexico that are new to us and can hardly wait to explore, take it all in, and relax! So, as my mind is filled with memories from past trips and visions of what's coming up, I thought I would share some favorite moments from our trip to Cancun and Merida in 2012. 

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August 13, 2014

pretty details and moments

I love details. And layers. Mixing patterns and textures. Interesting combinations that catch the eye with delight and maybe a bit of surprise. My eye tends to search, wander for the new, the unique, the bold. There's so much beauty at fingers' reach today that I find myself craving the unexpected. I've seen designers at both of the ends of this spectrum -- there are those who, exposed to color all day long, crave a calm and neutral space to come home to. I fall into the opposite extreme. I need visual interest and stimulation. In our small home, too many layers easily turn into visual clutter, so I have to keep this in check and am constantly rotating and editing. But the little moments of fun are what bring character and a personal touch to a home, and I love them. And because I love seeing these peeks into others' homes - the corners that often escape the camera's lens - I thought it would be fun to take a little tour of details through our house. 

If you're interested in working together to make your home a place you love, please contact me for 
more information at I would love to hear from you!