October 27, 2014

design plan progress - family media room

Hi and happy Monday! I've been working with a wonderful family on the plans for this room which will service multiples purposes including family room, home office and occasional guest room! We've finalized the larger pieces and are now ready to fill in with art, lighting and accessories. Fun! I'm recommending they keep things mostly neutral while incorporating the blue in their existing rug, which we're keeping. They already own the desk and armchair as well. The loveseat is custom sleeper sofa (using the above image as inspiration) in a navy velvet-like microfiber. It's going to be gorgeous!!

With so many different purposes being served in this room, as well as the amazing and rather grand architecture (it's jaw-dropingly beautiful!), I want to keep things sophisticated and streamlined. Anything too crazy would compete with the awesome architectural elements. At the same time, we're blending husband and wife's tastes and preferences. (One leans more traditional; the other more modern with a touch of artsy.)

Opposite the fireplace wall, there's a long, blank wall. The husband's desk as well as the media console will live here. The art needs to not only fill the wall but also bring balance to a large TV. Again, while not being too overpowering! I provided two suggested gallery wall collections. The first is more subdued and calm. The second keeps with the neutral color story while leaning just a tad edgier by incorporating a couple of modern pieces along with hits of black. Or, as you see in the above design board, they could choose to keep things more minimalist and go with one single piece over the desk.

Art pieces via Minted

What do you think? Which option would you choose? I'm excited to see it all come together!

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  1. Love both! Gallery wall 1 if I had to choose. You're so good at this!


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