October 21, 2014

simple, everyday fall decor

Everyone who knows me would say that Summer is my favorite season. I love warm weather, going barefoot, warm sun rays on my face and the carefree feeling of it all. It's true. But…I have to admit that the slight change in the air lately has me pretty excited about Fall!

I was pretty late to the party this year in terms of adding some Fall-like decor at home. We've had a really warm September & October, and the weather really influences my decorating choices. Decorating for me engages multiple senses. It's about the feel of the air, the scents wafting through the window or through the house, and the sounds around me. It's all inspiration, and plays a part.

As the years go by, I find myself gravitating more and more towards simple ways of bringing beauty into our lives. Going all out with seasonal decor is fun (and I will always do this for Christmas!!), but in the everyday, it's just not practical for me. Maybe this will shift at some point, but right now, I need to lower the expectations I place on myself and keep it simple. And the thing is, I end up finding joy in these little things.

These beautiful sunflowers were left by our sweet house sitters after our recent vacation. I split them into a couple of small vases, added clippings from a backyard succulent and called it good.

And call me crazy, but some days it really just comes down to the subtle changes in the light that filters in through our blinds. It's warm and comforting and suggests a change in the air...

The below was an accidental grouping that was caught between styling projects, and ended up staying this way for a few days. Nothing especially seasonal about this, except that it's sometimes fun just to switch up your everyday objects for a change of scenery. You'll see them with new eyes. :)

Remnants of a drink station after a women's Bible study at our house. I especially love the scarf-as-tablecloth.

So, let me just encourage you today. If you're feeling overwhelmed about the idea of decorating for the season, here's an easy plan: the next time you're at the supermarket, pick up just one interesting-looking pumpkin and a bunch of flowers. Maybe light a candle or two. For a few dollars and very little effort, you'll have added bits of warmth and beauty to your home. It's worth it!

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