December 2, 2013

mood boards for four siblings

I'm working on a really fun project and would love to share a little. A very special family from our church recently moved into a new place and I get to help them cozify and make it a home!

Two brothers share a room, and the older brother has requested a football theme. (Both older siblings are sharing their rooms with one-year old twins, so the older ones get to choose the decor. :)) I'm hoping he'll go for these very cool vintage prints. Pairing it with the abstract wall decal gives a little edginess, to keep it from going old man. I like the idea of keeping the color scheme fairly neutral, to give room for easy switches as they grow older.

And for the girls, we have a budding scientist on our hands! Older sister plans to be a doctor, and I'm happy to encourage her gifts and dreams. 

One thing is for sure...this is going to be fun! What do you think of the plans so far?


  1. they are both so fun! love the girly science theme!

  2. Loving the science theme!
    xo TJ


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