December 13, 2013

our Christmas decor

I LOVE decorating for Christmas. My unofficial rule is that listening to Christmas music and Christmas decorating aren't really allowed until after Thanksgiving. And although I started pulling our decorations out of storage Thanksgiving weekend (I can't really stop myself), time has been tight these last few weeks and I'm just now getting around to really decking out our house...and I'm excited!! 

As is typical for my style across the board, I tend to keep things casual. There's never a big plan, I just dig through my bins and let inspiration strike. And as much as I'm a traditional girl, rich colors make my eye happy and tend to rule the day.

Photo holder today is a perfect Christmas card display as they start rolling in.

You know me - proving that style can be added in simple ways, like a little cluster of ornaments.

Along with the cozy glow of Christmas lights, I appreciate candles even more at this time of year. I'm so grateful for Christmas and all it stands for. Merry Christmas to all!


  1. gorgeous! love seeing all those bright pinks mixed in!

  2. Oooooh. Pink and cobalt and lime. MY FAVE Christmas colors. Enjoyed seeing your Christmas take!!

  3. love it! even the zebra got some holiday cheer!


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