December 30, 2013


Along with you, I've been reflecting, remembering, celebrating and processing the moments of 2013. In considering how to share these to a public audience, there's a tension. This year has held promise, unanticipated and welcomed accomplishments, hard work, successes and challenges...and so much more.

But for me, none of it means much if I try to take credit. I find that I hit a wall of frustration if I simply look back and charge forward...before spending time at the place where I realize I'm nothing on my own.

Truly, I don't want it - whatever "it" may be - if it's not in alignment with what He has for me.

I'm SO grateful to have some downtime for a few days, before jumping into the new year. I intend to continue spending time at His feet -- waiting, longing, being patient to hear that still, small voice. Because what I find here is so worth it. Only here do I find real and lasting peace and contentment, fulfillment and direction. My soul needs this. As I look around, it's apparent to me that I'm not the only one. Friends, take a moment to find rest for your soul. It's a no-regret activity, guaranteed.

As we move into the new year, the pressure is on. There are goals to meet, fears to conquer, dreams to realize. I want to be careful not to press 'repeat.' I believe what's ahead is so much more than anything I can ask for, dream or imagine. I can imagine quite a bit...but why limit my future to my own imagination? I will choose to rest in His promise.

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  1. Thank you for this post Katie! So encouraging...

  2. I love the photo at the top!


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