February 3, 2014

photo shoots have begun!

I am sooooo excited to share that SOON I will have awesome photos of all my work over the past year+. I'm working with a very talented photographer who I know is going to capture the spaces beautifully. I'm so grateful to have the support of such gifted people who are also excited about my work, and encouraging me along the way. It's really a dream come true. (to be clear - the photos below are courtesy of my iphone, NOT my photographer...you'll need to be patient for those :))

Yesterday, we shot a playroom I finished last year. We worked on the room together while my client (and friend) was expecting baby number two, and it's so rewarding to now see both kids enjoying the space - so precious!!

These cloth baskets are just great. The handle makes it easy for the kids to grab them for easy access, and they're nice and soft - but firm enough to hold their shape. And you really can't go wrong with stripes, can you? :)

It's not a large room, but I think we made good use of the space. There are dedicated spots for the kids to spread out and play, curl up with a book, pull art supplies out on a table or easel, and even an activity board! (You'll have to wait to see it!) :)

Also, the natural light in the room is just amazing. We wrapped up our shoot just before noon, and we all wanted to curl up in this cozy space for a little nap as the direct sun rays started to stream in.

Many more rooms to come... yay!!!

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  1. Hello just found your blog. Cant wait for the pictures.will come back to keep on reading.

  2. Hi!
    I am waiting for more photos ... I will come back ...


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