March 12, 2014

Vegetable Garden...I Need One!

I've decided I need to try to grow a vegetable garden this year. I say 'try' because this idea hasn't been very successful in the past, for a combination of reasons....neglect, poor planning, and the fact that our backyard tends to fry most plants, with the exception of succulents. I know this sounds crazy -- San Francisco is not the warmest place around! -- but our backyard is a crazy little micro-climate of south-facing sun + not much wind, which results in an amazing little oven (which I LOVE!). This just means that we should be able to grow peppers and such, right? That's what I'm counting on!

At the moment, I'm really motivated to get going on this project, and am trying to decide on the right balance. We need to carve out a little more space for the garden, for one thing. I know myself, and if I can be more hands-on and really get in the garden, I'll be more likely to keep up the maintenance. A tiny corner in the back corner of our yard was not motivation enough to get me out there regularly. However, I also don't want to get carried away and end up being overwhelmed by the project!

I also know that if I'm drawn to the space aesthetically, I'll be excited to spend time there (duh!). This means, it is TIME to paint the fence in our backyard, and I'm going to tackle that so soon. Just wait. I also need to think a little more about the layout of the garden. Symmetry doesn't always appeal to me, but given that a garden has a wild edge to it regardless of the layout, a somewhat symmetrical layout could bring some refreshing order/visual calm.

And of course, I can't wait to reap the financial benefits of growing our own produce!! The idea that we've been missing out on this kind of drives me crazy, but all we can do is move forward, so here we go!

I also recently came to the realization that although I don't necessary feel like our schedule can afford the time commitment required to tend a garden, I'm convinced it will be a healthy project for me. Alone time is how I recharge, and I've let this slide over the past year or so. I could go on about this, but let's just say I'm pretty sure this will be a good thing!

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