March 26, 2014

Project: Back Fence

Along with many of  you, the arrival of Spring has me thinking a lot about sprucing up our outdoor space. At the moment, I'm trying to stay focused on more practical and realistic changes. I'd love to furnish the deck with an outdoor sectional, table & chairs, etc... but I'm not sure this is realistic this year. But, I am convinced we can make some significant changes with a little elbow grease and creativity! Let's check out some inspiration...

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'd love to have our home's exterior painted in neutrals. While this may not be happening in my near future, I'm thinking that a neutral paint color is a good idea for the fence bordering our back yard. It's likely that I'll eventually incorporate color through cushions and such, and similar to my approach to an interiors, I tend to prefer a neutral backdrop which allows colors to really stand out. 

And since our interior already includes quite a bit of color, and looks out directly to the backyard, I don't want the two competing with one another. Already, we've kept most of our plants in the green and tropical family, which we both love. My preference would be to have a few larger palms spreading their branches over our yard, but those puppies are expensive! In looking at these photos, I'm thinking we need to incorporate some other types of (more inexpensive) lush foliage to define the borders of the deck and yard (until the tropical plants all grow huge!). The first step is painting the back fence - some instant gratification to keep me motivated. I primed it this past weekend, which gives me a sense of how it would look painted white. I'm also considering a dark color, to create a cozy, closed-in effect. We'll see what happens! 

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