Working with Katie was fun and easy. She designed the perfect teenage bedroom for my two daughters, maximizing the limited space. Katie spent time with my girls really getting to know what they wanted in their living space. She is a joy to work with, very patient with an eye for style. My girls are crazy in love with their bedroom!

Katie is incredibly talented. She is passionate about helping people make their homes beautiful. Twice now -- in our 2BR apartment in SF and then our 3BR house in Sacramento -- she helped us to have truly delightful, inviting, and comfortable places to call home. Her creative process is kind of magical. She asks a bunch of questions to get a deep understanding of what will work for YOU, and then somehow comes back with ideas, colors, textures, decor, and arrangements of furniture that are both simple and brilliant. On her very first visit to spec out our apartment, she figured out how to rearrange our couch and piano in a way that totally transformed what it felt like to be in our living room. It was so simple and yet not obvious to us -- and this was before we had spent a penny.

Get Katie while you can -- demand for her skills and time will only go up, up, up, and I suspect it won't be long before she had no choice but to increase her generously low rates.

It has been such a pleasure to work with Katie to make our small home in San Francisco a sanctuary.  When the baby came early, Katie worked tirelessly to create a gorgeous space for our little one incorporating Australian and Mexican pieces to reflect his heritage.  She then helped convert a downstairs room into a trendy personalized space for our two teenagers.  Katie's diverse talents include coordinating a room without it feeling too contrived, revamping old pieces and adding in just the right crisp new pieces.  Her sense of space is only rivaled by her ability to find a stunning deal.  I can't wait to work on our next project.

Being a graphic designer, I am very opinionated about what I like and don't like. I quickly discovered that although I have good design sense, I am not an interior designer! My husband and I hired Katie to help us put our house in order before the birth of our second baby.

What we liked about Katie was that she catered to our needs. She asked the right questions to get us to where we wanted to go. Katie has her own style, rich with color and texture, and a fantastic sense of placement. She helped us find our style, and though different than hers she took our ideas and tastes to create mood boards and make suggestions that fit our needs. We are in Montana so we flew her out for a few days. During those days she made herself busy and rearranged our furniture, went on shopping adventures, and brought objects from different stores to test and try out.

The eventual result was that our house became a home, and a place where we could feel comfortable, at peace and ready to welcome our second child. We will hire Katie again to help us on the next phase of our home! She is a joy and a pleasure to work with.

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