October 25, 2012

tv console inspiration (green?)

We're currently using two Ikea Rast dressers as our TV console (only since the mass rearranging a couple of weeks ago), and I've been trying to decide what to do with them.

all images can be found on my pinterest page

As you can see, I have green on the brain. I'm actually thinking about a darker green but can't find any images to show you at the moment. Our ottoman is currently green, but I've been thinking about switching it out with something larger/closer to the scale of the sofa. If I decide to go green with the console, the ottoman would definitely need to go (somewhere else in the house :)).

All the images I was drawn to today have some level of ornate detail, whether it's molding, carving or hardware. I don't think I'll go overly ornate, but I'm definitely inspired by some rich character. There are many amazing Rast hacks out there and I'd like to do something different...we'll see what I come up with.

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October 22, 2012

otomi decisions

I have long LOVED Otomi art in any form. We purchased our first paintings on a trip to Mexico in 2010, and I think they have lived in just about every room in our house since then! There is something so special about them to me, and of course I never tire of the bright, saturated colors. And, especially when purchased directly in Mexico, the artwork is SO affordable. These two pieces (about 12"x15") were around $18 each!!

update: photo by {tris}Photography

On our Mexico visit earlier this year, I hoped to find something in the textile family to bring home.  It's surprising to me that you don't spot much of this at the big markets (at least where we were, in Cancun and Merida), since it's been so popular for the past few years. I had pinched my pennies in anticipation of some market bargains (and bargaining :)).  So, I was pretty giddy to find these (ha - that's an understatement - my husband can tell you that I seriously COULD NOT contain my excitement, and may have scared him a bit in the process :))...

Woo hoo!!  The textiles are a little pricier than the paintings, at least from what I've seen.  (I think each of these was around $25-$30.) I've drooled over many an otomi bedspread, headboards and other large pieces which run in the hundreds.  When we uncovered these smaller pieces, I could hardly believe it and snatched them up! They're both 13"x16"...and here's where this post comes in.  They are still sitting in my fabric pile, waiting for a decision to be made about what to do with them!  I've considered framing them.

somehow i can't find sources for any of the above...will update if i find them!

But since we already have the paintings in wall art form, I'm seriously leaning towards pillows. They would pack a punch on our daybed, sofa or bed...and would very likely rotate between these three spots and more, because nothing stays the same for long at our house :)

The piping works great with the black here - really provides some nice structure.

Leaning towards something like this for ours - add a bit of white border to get to the size I'd like.

All of the above are from this Etsy store

What do you say?  I'm almost ready to just go for it and start on the pillows. The problem is that I'm always aware that different inspiration may strike at any moment which causes me to hesitate, especially when something isn't easily replaceable or accessible...but I think I'm just about sold on this one.  Want to try to convince me otherwise? :)

also spotted this bag and really had to share :)

And one last bit of beauty from Anna Spiro who never ceases to inspire :)

October 17, 2012

dining room tour at A Creative Day

To those of you visiting from A Creative Day....welcome!!

And for everyone else...you can find me today guest posting at A Creative Day, where Eileen graciously asked me to share our dining room details. 

My amazingly talented and sweet friends Ruth and Thea of {tris}Photography recently helped me out with a photo shoot...here's a teeny peek and you should head over to my post to see lots more :)

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October 15, 2012

copycat chandelier project

For awhile now a larger dining room light fixture has been on the wish list. So many promising options out there, like these beauties from Furbish...

so fun, found here

ooooooooh - this one's here

or maybe this one

Staying in the moroccan family but just going bigger would also be fine by us... 

Unfortunately, these (and many others I fell for) are out of our budget for now. Keeping my eyes and mind open for a creative solution, I spotted this beauty at a friend's house last month.

Her source was a now-closed Fillmore Street boutique (here in San Francisco) a number of years ago, and I figured an equivalent would also be out of reach.  But, it stayed with me for days and my wheels were turning.

In the meantime, I came across a post or article (don't remember exactly) which talked about glass paint, which is especially made to coat glass with color while retaining the appearance of glass (transparency, etc.). And it clicked! After a bit of searching on Overstock for an affordable chandelier with the right shape and feel, I landed on this one.

I haven't decided yet on a color. The orange inspiration piece is amazing but I'm not sure it's the best choice for our room. Also considering blue, but we kind of have a lot of blue going on already. Still rattling around some other ideas. But the light fixture has now arrived and I'm itching to get going on this project so will be deciding soon, I'm sure :)

For now, I'll leave you with one last photo of this same friend's home, because (did I fail to mention?) it's the most beautiful home I've ever set foot in!! I hope to feature better quality photos of this home on the blog one day - this friend is one talented lady and I'd love for you to see more of her work. I mean, just look at this! I'm in awe. Hope it inspires you today :)

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October 10, 2012

bedroom rearrange

I mentioned earlier this week that I took furniture from other rooms in order to set up my office. In reality it was quite the adventure of figuring out what would work where.  In the process I moved a total of three large dressers, two small dressers and a large console. Not to mention moving the bed to the opposite side of the room...and of course a million small pieces of furniture and accessories!  What a great workout :)  And a fun puzzle/challenge to decide what would work best in each room.  I had been contemplating some changes our bedroom for awhile, and I still have a long way to go on the master plan (in my head), but baby steps were made...

Painting is a pretty high priority - the current color is not as yellow as these photos appear, but it is a slightly yellow/off-white. I haven't decided yet which direction to go. Lots of ideas but haven't landed on anything just yet - I'll keep you posted!

Eventually, I'd love to see something taller to the left of the bed (in the above photo). The closet door is on the other side of the headboard, so something about the same dimensions be ideal as it would balance things out. Whatever it is needs to include storage - this room is VERY small, so every piece of furniture needs to be used to it's full potential!  Nothing strictly decorative here :)  

Some of my jewelry...

And there you have it!

October 9, 2012

dining chairs revamped!

I mentioned awhile back that I was working on fixing up our dining room chairs. This in fact happened a few weeks ago - so sorry for not sharing earlier!  

I love love love how they turned out!  The leopard print fabric is an outdoor fabric, so is super duper durable! It has an awesome texture that gives it really great depth and movement. 

Ha - what's funny is that even though these pictures were taken just a few days ago, this room has already undergone some changes!  The dresser you see below has been moved to the bedroom. I'm planning to move the orchid table to that back right corner, and put a hutch or cabinet where the orchids are currently.  Stay tuned :)

October 8, 2012

my home office

Today I started setting up my home office! Am really happy with how it's coming along, especially considering that I only used items from other rooms in the house...

That white side table was originally in our living room, then bedroom. I purchased from Salvation Army a year or so ago and love the fresh vibe it brings - balances out the heavy wood desk a bit.

Above lamp was also thrifted - also from Salvation Army if I remember correctly!  The tray is the only new item in the room and I loooooooove it! Picked it up at HomeGoods last week. It's hard to tell because of the photo quality, but it's inlaid. Perhaps one day I'll have an inlaid piece of furniture, but this will certainly do in the meantime. :)

I'll be on the lookout for a new chair and a rug. I'm considering of going more modern for either or both, since the desk is so traditional.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I would paint the desk, but now I'm not sure!  Although there's a lot of orange-y-ness going on in the room now, I'm thinking I can make it work with the right rug and chair. (Also the floor is actually really light-colored bamboo; it just looks darker in these photos.) We'll see what I find....

The inspiration board is still a bit bare - I threw a few things on there to take photos for you guys but I will style it more completely later :)

(don't miss the awesome photo of my hilarious nephew)

Here's a close-up of the trim along the top and bottom of the board. I love it and wanted to make sure to share with you :)  The rest of the board is covered with some burlap I had on hand. I really like the texture and neutral color, and overall it works but I don't absolutely love it and may switch it out for something else eventually.

another shout-out for the artwork by my niece :)
Sooooo.... this is where I'll often be blogging from!  My new office :)