October 22, 2012

otomi decisions

I have long LOVED Otomi art in any form. We purchased our first paintings on a trip to Mexico in 2010, and I think they have lived in just about every room in our house since then! There is something so special about them to me, and of course I never tire of the bright, saturated colors. And, especially when purchased directly in Mexico, the artwork is SO affordable. These two pieces (about 12"x15") were around $18 each!!

update: photo by {tris}Photography

On our Mexico visit earlier this year, I hoped to find something in the textile family to bring home.  It's surprising to me that you don't spot much of this at the big markets (at least where we were, in Cancun and Merida), since it's been so popular for the past few years. I had pinched my pennies in anticipation of some market bargains (and bargaining :)).  So, I was pretty giddy to find these (ha - that's an understatement - my husband can tell you that I seriously COULD NOT contain my excitement, and may have scared him a bit in the process :))...

Woo hoo!!  The textiles are a little pricier than the paintings, at least from what I've seen.  (I think each of these was around $25-$30.) I've drooled over many an otomi bedspread, headboards and other large pieces which run in the hundreds.  When we uncovered these smaller pieces, I could hardly believe it and snatched them up! They're both 13"x16"...and here's where this post comes in.  They are still sitting in my fabric pile, waiting for a decision to be made about what to do with them!  I've considered framing them.

somehow i can't find sources for any of the above...will update if i find them!

But since we already have the paintings in wall art form, I'm seriously leaning towards pillows. They would pack a punch on our daybed, sofa or bed...and would very likely rotate between these three spots and more, because nothing stays the same for long at our house :)

The piping works great with the black here - really provides some nice structure.

Leaning towards something like this for ours - add a bit of white border to get to the size I'd like.

All of the above are from this Etsy store

What do you say?  I'm almost ready to just go for it and start on the pillows. The problem is that I'm always aware that different inspiration may strike at any moment which causes me to hesitate, especially when something isn't easily replaceable or accessible...but I think I'm just about sold on this one.  Want to try to convince me otherwise? :)

also spotted this bag and really had to share :)

And one last bit of beauty from Anna Spiro who never ceases to inspire :)


  1. I say go for the pillows,like you said they can go in almost any room of your house.

    If all you do is add a border and use 1/4" seams they'll be easy enough to take a seam ripper to later with minimal "damage" if you decide later you do want to frame them or do something else with

    1. oh wow thanks for the tip josc! that definitely makes me feel better about taking the pillow plunge :)

  2. The pillows with the white border are awesome. So striking! You have my vote. Can't wait to see them completed!

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the pillows, you can always repurpose them later. I love them!

    1. you gals are so smart with this idea - thank you!!


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