October 17, 2012

dining room tour at A Creative Day

To those of you visiting from A Creative Day....welcome!!

And for everyone else...you can find me today guest posting at A Creative Day, where Eileen graciously asked me to share our dining room details. 

My amazingly talented and sweet friends Ruth and Thea of {tris}Photography recently helped me out with a photo shoot...here's a teeny peek and you should head over to my post to see lots more :)

Interested in working together? Contact me at 
for rates and availability.


  1. this is your dining room? please come over and re-decorate my place then please!

  2. So glad to have you girl! It looks fabulous :-)

  3. Katie
    I love your blog so since is my turn for giving the " The versatile Bloger" Award . I chose for it. Hope you like it. You can pick up at mu site


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