October 10, 2012

bedroom rearrange

I mentioned earlier this week that I took furniture from other rooms in order to set up my office. In reality it was quite the adventure of figuring out what would work where.  In the process I moved a total of three large dressers, two small dressers and a large console. Not to mention moving the bed to the opposite side of the room...and of course a million small pieces of furniture and accessories!  What a great workout :)  And a fun puzzle/challenge to decide what would work best in each room.  I had been contemplating some changes our bedroom for awhile, and I still have a long way to go on the master plan (in my head), but baby steps were made...

Painting is a pretty high priority - the current color is not as yellow as these photos appear, but it is a slightly yellow/off-white. I haven't decided yet which direction to go. Lots of ideas but haven't landed on anything just yet - I'll keep you posted!

Eventually, I'd love to see something taller to the left of the bed (in the above photo). The closet door is on the other side of the headboard, so something about the same dimensions be ideal as it would balance things out. Whatever it is needs to include storage - this room is VERY small, so every piece of furniture needs to be used to it's full potential!  Nothing strictly decorative here :)  

Some of my jewelry...

And there you have it!


  1. Katie, I love the vibe of this room! I also love the idea of hanging your jewelry from a sconce like you did above. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Emily! I am excited about the direction it's heading...hopeful to make more progress soon :)


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