October 8, 2012

my home office

Today I started setting up my home office! Am really happy with how it's coming along, especially considering that I only used items from other rooms in the house...

That white side table was originally in our living room, then bedroom. I purchased from Salvation Army a year or so ago and love the fresh vibe it brings - balances out the heavy wood desk a bit.

Above lamp was also thrifted - also from Salvation Army if I remember correctly!  The tray is the only new item in the room and I loooooooove it! Picked it up at HomeGoods last week. It's hard to tell because of the photo quality, but it's inlaid. Perhaps one day I'll have an inlaid piece of furniture, but this will certainly do in the meantime. :)

I'll be on the lookout for a new chair and a rug. I'm considering of going more modern for either or both, since the desk is so traditional.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I would paint the desk, but now I'm not sure!  Although there's a lot of orange-y-ness going on in the room now, I'm thinking I can make it work with the right rug and chair. (Also the floor is actually really light-colored bamboo; it just looks darker in these photos.) We'll see what I find....

The inspiration board is still a bit bare - I threw a few things on there to take photos for you guys but I will style it more completely later :)

(don't miss the awesome photo of my hilarious nephew)

Here's a close-up of the trim along the top and bottom of the board. I love it and wanted to make sure to share with you :)  The rest of the board is covered with some burlap I had on hand. I really like the texture and neutral color, and overall it works but I don't absolutely love it and may switch it out for something else eventually.

another shout-out for the artwork by my niece :)
Sooooo.... this is where I'll often be blogging from!  My new office :)

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  1. Your office desk looks great! Your office doesn’t have much in it, so I presume those are the most important items to you. I also like your inspirational board. You can have a glimpse of those photos and notes once in a while. :)

    Clayton Steadham


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