September 11, 2012

pretty excited about a desk

You guys. I am pretty, pretty excited about a desk I stumbled upon this week.  I was at Building Resources looking for light fixtures (didn't find any, still looking) and noticed an interesting cabinet-ish piece of furniture. I noticed there was a leaf covering the bottom half, so lifted it up and it turns out there are legs which swivel out to support the leaf.  Like a secretary desk, except the only examples I can find of secretaries have desktops which fold down rather than up.  Anyway, I couldn't pass it up, especially since I know that my office will also sometimes be used as a guest room. So perfect that we can just swing the desk portion down when needed. Yes!

not sure of the source....anyone? 
I don't have it yet since it was too huge and heavy for me to handle on my own, so once I pick it up later this week I will share photos.  But the really fun part is deciding just how to spruce it up.  I'm loving both of these projects which were spotted recently, both featuring pink and blue. Hmmmm...the right colors for this piece? Not sure yet. Some really great hardware going on here too.

above and below - awesome diy by  domestikated life
If I ever come across an old tool chest like this, I am SO doing this with it! The perfect jewelry armoire.

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