September 10, 2012

open shelving in the kitchen

Now that I've rearranged the art on our living room walls (photos coming very soon, i promise!), the kitchen needs something different. Our living room and kitchen are sort of one big room (well, not SO big), with an island in the middle. They have to work together. I was looking at some photos to get my wheels turning, and am wondering if it's time to add some additional shelves to our kitchen rather than fill the wall with art. We could definitely use the extra shelf space.

Here's our current shelf situation. Not very inspiring!

We have no upper cabinets (open or enclosed) other than these two shelves, so storage is fairly tight!

There's a collection of beautiful glasses from my mother in law just waiting for a more worthy the meantime they're stacked in neat rows on top of the fridge!  

Let's get inspired....

via here

Although I suspect that pretty much any type of pattern would be too much for our space, I am loving the subtle tile pattern above!  Also like the length of the shelf, although I'm going for more than one. The white is pretty here.
via here

Above is similar to what we have now, if we wanted to just add more of the same. Loving those green glasses!!
Schuyler Samperton

Check out the shelves toward the back right. I really like the rustic brackets. I wonder if I can source something old and vintag-ey to add a bit of character.

And just for fun, let's take a look at what I'd be considering if our kitchen was a separate room....

source unknown
Chevron this is non-trendy chevron if you ask me, and I love it! So good.

source unknown

And just for fun, I'll leave you with....

Diane Keaton's home via Architectural Digest

Marcelo & Cris Rosenbaum via The Selby

 Even for me....whoa.

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