October 15, 2012

copycat chandelier project

For awhile now a larger dining room light fixture has been on the wish list. So many promising options out there, like these beauties from Furbish...

so fun, found here

ooooooooh - this one's here

or maybe this one

Staying in the moroccan family but just going bigger would also be fine by us... 

Unfortunately, these (and many others I fell for) are out of our budget for now. Keeping my eyes and mind open for a creative solution, I spotted this beauty at a friend's house last month.

Her source was a now-closed Fillmore Street boutique (here in San Francisco) a number of years ago, and I figured an equivalent would also be out of reach.  But, it stayed with me for days and my wheels were turning.

In the meantime, I came across a post or article (don't remember exactly) which talked about glass paint, which is especially made to coat glass with color while retaining the appearance of glass (transparency, etc.). And it clicked! After a bit of searching on Overstock for an affordable chandelier with the right shape and feel, I landed on this one.

I haven't decided yet on a color. The orange inspiration piece is amazing but I'm not sure it's the best choice for our room. Also considering blue, but we kind of have a lot of blue going on already. Still rattling around some other ideas. But the light fixture has now arrived and I'm itching to get going on this project so will be deciding soon, I'm sure :)

For now, I'll leave you with one last photo of this same friend's home, because (did I fail to mention?) it's the most beautiful home I've ever set foot in!! I hope to feature better quality photos of this home on the blog one day - this friend is one talented lady and I'd love for you to see more of her work. I mean, just look at this! I'm in awe. Hope it inspires you today :)

Interested in working together? Contact me at 
for rates and availability.


  1. I knew you would LOVE her home..I can't believe you've recently discovered it....and that chandelier..I remember thinking to myself...katie has to see this!!

    1. i know - i totally remember you telling me that! crazy that it took me years to see it, but i kind of like how the timing worked out just as i was in the market for a new light fixture :)

  2. Now I know why everyone loves it, even I do and Orange is not on top of my favorites list. Can't wait to see your end producut

    This is why you're the designer, I would have seen the chandelier you bought and just seen something traditional/formal.


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