October 31, 2014

home office beginnings

You may have seen my recent note on instagram about going full-time with design. This has been a goal of ours for quite awhile, and it's wonderful and amazing and still feels a bit surreal. I've been doing a lot of processing and praying about the concept of transition...so stay tuned for a post on that! In the meantime, my home office was seriously overdue for some love. For real. 

The room doubles as a guest bedroom, and is not large…at all. I'm also not willing to put money into it at the moment. Given that I'll be spending a good portion of every day here, I knew it was important to have a spot that served a few purposes: 
- Needs to be pretty and welcoming. (I'm a fairly visual person. ;))
- Organization and storage! The current piles (and piles and piles) are not cutting it. 
- Inspires me. 

I couldn't face another work day without making some significant improvements, and I was motivated. So, I "shopped" the basement (and closets and above-mentioned piles) to see what I could find.

I'm making progress! After moving furniture around for a more open layout, I freed up an entire wall (where the storage will go). It feels AWESOME to have just a few functional, pretty areas in the room already! A pretty inspiration board is like a breath of fresh air to me. And a cozy, welcoming place to sit when I need a break from my desk. Progress!! As for the storage plan…I have a temporary solution in the works  - one that is much, much better than what I've been living with. I hope to finish this weekend and will share when it's complete. 

If you're interested in working together to make your home a place you love, please contact me for 
more information at katiegaviganinteriors@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

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