August 29, 2013

a few more thrifted finds....

I mentioned earlier this week that I would share a few more of my recent thrift store bargains. In that post you saw a little peek of these camels... and can you believe them?!

My mom and I found this crazy goodness at a Salvation Army when I was visiting Michigan a few weeks ago. I spotted a sliver of one of the camels, tucked away on a bottom shelf. Carved wood usually catches my eye, camels even more so... and I was not disappointed!! Up until that point, I was passing on a lot of decent finds, knowing I didn't have extra room in my luggage. For this one though, I made room. :) I'm actually not sure what it's meant to be (and would love to hear ideas/knowledge on the subject!). We thought bookends perhaps, but the hinges aren't quite strong enough to be super functional bookends (although they may have been once upon a time).... and for now, I'm making it work.

Check out the engraved detail....

This is one of those pieces that I'll be happy to take good care of until the perfect spot in a client's project comes along, which will be just as fun!

And keeping with the exotic animal theme, meet the zebra...

Two of these were picked up, and again I'm using as bookends (well, using just one at the moment). 

Loving the whimsy they lend to the kitchen. But wouldn't they be AWESOME in a kid's room?! Yes, indeed they would.

And my last show and tell today - a bit random, but pretty pretty cool, I think. They'll go in my husband's office, probably displayed something like this, propped casually on the bookshelves. 

I have no idea what they say, so please feel free to translate! ;)

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