June 21, 2013

a very fun office plan

My husband moved into a new office last fall, and I've been promising to decorate it ever since. I've been thinking about bits and pieces of it, but haven't had the chance to really dive into it. On our drive home from Palm Springs last week, it all came together (in my head :)). The first chance I had to sit down at the computer, I gathered a few images that capture the direction I'm heading with this - and I'm so excited about it!  

Designs where I have complete creative freedom are, of course, the best! It's an amazing opportunity - where I can let the creative juices flow, and bring to life my interpretation of his style and taste. My husband is very sweet, and he trusts me, and is pretty much letting me do whatever I want. Of course, I'm getting his input on practical elements like storage and such.

The room has no windows, so I think we're just going to embrace this and go dark. It's no secret that I love some white walls, but without natural light they're kind of dead. He loves deep colors, and this is the perfect space to have some fun with it. He really dislikes artificial light, so we're going to bring in multiple light sources that provide soft light. Think wall sconces, bookcase lamps, desk lamp, floor lamp.

The one exception to the dark moodiness is that one entire wall will be a whiteboard wall. When he plans sermons or lessons (he's a pastor, and often teaches as well), he's very visual and kind of maps out the master plan on whiteboard. Rather than roll in the huge, wheeled whiteboard into his office, he can go to it on the wall! Woo hoo - it's going to be awesome! The glossiness of the whiteboard should also reflect light nicely.

I love, love, love the hanging guitar look and don't really have a good place for it in our home. Am so excited to incorporate here! My husband is also a crazy talented musician - piano and guitar especially - and hosts a 'school of rock' for junior high and high schoolers once a week in his office. This also means we need some flexible seating. Keeping my eye out for the right small chairs and/or stools.

So, as you can probably tell, I'm sooooo excited about this!! Not sure how soon we'll be able to get in there to start painting. I'm hoping to make this happen over the next month or two. It's gonna be fun!!

I'm also in the midst of planning my office, which doubles as our guest room. Over vacation I realized (or was reminded) how important this is...I'll share more about this plan very soon!

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