June 28, 2013

new dining room chairs

Last week, I found these amazing chairs at the thrift store! If you follow me on instagram, you already know this great story.

I was out thrifting and spotted these. They caught my eye right away and I loved them. My hesitation was whether they were the right chairs for our dining room. I've been on the lookout for something much more casual - think wicker, bistro family. They also were a little overpriced - I just wasn't 100% convinced.

Of course, I couldn't get them out of my mind - they're so good. I showed my husband the photo when he got home, and he loved them. It's not very often that he acts like I'm crazy for passing something up at the thrift store (in fact, it's usually quite the opposite :))!  So, I decided to go back for another look the next day, to see if they were still there. Well.....they were, and they were half off!! Woo hoo! Long story short, and as you can see, they now reside happily in our dining room.

I had already been planning a little table shuffle planned, including moving the tulip table back to the dining room. I'm loving the contrast of these table and chairs together. (The previous dining room table is being converted into my new desk...that's another hint for you, if you saw my office plans post :))

So many great thrifted finds that day, including this vase...I can't get over it. I kind of want it in every room of the house. Brought home lots of fun art and styling objects for my husband's office too!

p.s. I'm selling our previous dining chairs, which you can see in this post. Just thought I would mention in case anyone's interested. The main reason for selling them is just because I'm forever dreaming up new creations and switching things up. But it's worth mentioning that they are fairly heavy! This has pros and cons, depending on your personal preference. Anyway, contact me if you'd like more info.


  1. So simple but lovely.
    I love your blog, and I've just started following.
    Give mine a look? :)



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