June 22, 2013

playroom progress!

Just before leaving for vacation, I spent an afternoon and evening with my friends/clients, partially setting up their new play room! The goal was to have it at least somewhat functional before baby #2 arrived, which we accomplished. (She was born last week and I am dying to meet her!!!) Mom wanted a place where she can sit with the new baby while big brother keeps himself occupied with toys and activities.

These are very much 'in progress' shots, just wanted to share a little sneak peek with you.

This room has really beautiful bones, including amazing windows and natural light - pretty much my #1 favorite design element, and one that we often  have no control over (if renovating isn't on the table!). This makes SUCH a huge difference in the overall look and feel of any room, and there's just no way to truly recreate this sense. So, when windows/light are already present, I get pretty excited.

It's also a rental which means we're limited in some ways. No painting, and no holes in the walls - but we can hang from the picture rails up above. More opportunity to get creative :)

Tons of pillows! The floor pillows are to encourage reading in a cozy corner - we're still deciding on a tent/reading nook...stay tuned.

As you can kind of see above, we added a storage bench to the back left corner. This is mom's favorite place to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful San Francisco view. The baskets underneath are for toy storage, and we left one cubby free for books.

At Lowe's with this cutie client, getting supplies for....

... this amazing activity board, built by dad!! The colors here are way off (sorry - 11pm photo), but you get the idea. This area includes three boards: activity center, mirror and magnet board.

We'll pick back up on the loose ends in a few weeks, and then I'll have better photos - I promise!

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  1. What a cool activity board! I'm going to show this to Andy and maybe he'll make one for our kids. LOOOVE the navy + raspberry thing you have going on!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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