June 21, 2013

my office - inspiration and some plans

I mentioned in my earlier post about my husband's office that my office is a renewed priority as well. This room is also our guest bedroom. Although it will act as my office on a daily basis, and only house guests a few times a year, it's really important that it be a place where guests can comfortably rest, relax and enjoy themselves.

During our recent vacation, I was reminded how important it is for me to have a dedicated place to work. I think it's important for this place to be inspiring, restful and organized. Although it's hard to imagine (for me and for you :)), I *think* it should include less bright colors than I typically pull in. We'll see. 

Both bedrooms in our house are on the small side (along with our house as a whole), so we've gotten pretty good at making the best use of space! In the office, my plan is to include a daybed for seating (and obviously, a bed :)). I'm tempted by one that extends into a larger bed - like Ikea's Hemnes model - and see these fairly often on Craigslist. It's not my #1 choice from a design standpoint, but I'm leaning towards this, as it's just so practical.  The classic design definitely works, and I love the high back and arms - super cozy. I LOVE the idea of having a daybed in here - even if it wasn't a guest room, I'd be likely to include one. We have one in our living room as well, and it's my favorite spot to pull up my feet. I think it's important to have a spot like this in the office - if I need to move around a bit, take a break from the desk, it's perfect.

I think I'll leave that desk teaser alone for now... I'll give you more another day :) (And you're probably thinking, I thought she said less color!!)

Here are a few inspiration images....

A daybed, of course. I still need to figure out just what storage I need, and what makes the most sense for the space, but I like this tall shelf a lot.

Sconces are right up there with daybeds in my formula for coziness perfection. There will be at least one...and as many as four ;)

When scanning my Office board in Pinterest, there was an obvious theme emerging...busy, layered, wild inspiration boards! There must be one :)

Kind of liking this dark background...maybe the dark paisley fabric above could line my board ... hmmmm ...

So, that's where I'm at! I started priming the walls and trim yesterday so this is happening. Oh yeah, and we have guests coming the third week of July, so the room needs to be functional by then. Good thing I work well with deadlines! :)


  1. I should've read this before I left the house this morning I saw a HUGE giant bulletin board that had a nice frame around it that was white but I'm sure you could paint ;) at the thrift store... $5! I should've snapped it a pic of it for you!

    1. No worries - I already have one! Should have mentioned that :) Thanks for thinking of me!!


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