September 3, 2013

it all started with a lamp...

Target's collection by Nate Berkus is great, as many of you know. (The Fall line will be released this month and he seriously knocked it out of the park - can't wait. More on that later...) In the meantime, this lamp is just really good. It's been around for awhile, and I love it. 

It's classic - will definitely stand the test of time - yet snazzy. I thought it would be fun to play around with it, see what kind of guest room design one might dream up with this guy as the very inspiring inspiration...

Think...the more delicate lower left pattern as sheets, a long lumbar with the graphic pale pink, and a small throw pillow, upholstered chair or lampshade with the more intense fuschia + orange. 

And to take it a little further, let's plug in a few different headboards to see how different this mix can feel by changing just that one element.

Starting off with funky & a little sassy...

But perhaps you prefer a more refined, classic look.

You know I had to toss this one in to satisfy my personal daydream! Yes...

And for those who need to tone things down a bit, here's some European elegance for you. And don't get me wrong... I can appreciate this even if it wouldn't be my first choice - so beautiful.

all headboards via my pinterest

Thanks for coming along on this little imaginary adventure with me! This was so much fun to put together - I do believe you can expect to see more posts like this one.

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