June 6, 2014

our settee & seating thoughts for one kings lane

If I had to name a favorite piece of furniture in our house, our settee (or daybed) would definitely be near the top of the list. I LOVE this piece. The deep seating, classic lines and perfect spot for curling up in a blanket to read or take a nap. It's seriously soooooo cozy.

I'm sure most of you know all about One Kings Lane. (In case you're not, they run flash sales on all kinds of great home decor items.) You may not be familiar with their Home Decor Resource Guide, which they've asked me to share with you. I've enjoyed perusing the Guide and learning more about the historical aspects of various decor elements. For example, with each category of furniture (chairs, mirrors, sofas, etc.), they've outlined the evolution and cultural influences along the way. I love seeing how various artists and cultural factors have influenced design through the years. A great example is the Guide to Styles of Sofas & Settees. It's fascinating to think about the more formal use of sofas and settees 100 years ago versus how we use ours today! 

We have truly personalized this piece, and use it to its full advantage. We love it!!  To this very classic design, I decided to add just a twist of personal, funky touch by gluing a simple tassel fringe. The black keeps it subtle and classic, with just a bit of edge. The pillow mix is constantly being switched up.

Although counter-intuitive, larger pieces of furniture are often the best choice for small spaces. True, in our case. We've tried several different furniture arrangements in this room over the years, and a sofa + daybed absolutely provides the most - and most comfortable - seating in our living room. Not to mention that it doubles as a guest bed when needed. 

A few other interesting categories to explore within the Resource Guide:


Happy reading!

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