June 11, 2014

the right vessel

What do you usually do with flowers from the grocery store? Stick them in a vase you've had forever? Let me just encourage you today to take a teensy bit of extra effort and enjoy much more beautiful results! 

I picked up this pretty little plant from Trader Joe's in a wimpy plastic pot. By moving it into this little goblet (something I've had forever, from a thrift store for less than $2, I'm sure), the impact is so much more dramatic and beautiful. I find that unexpected scale often works well…you may think this pot would be too small, but it's perfect. Don't limit yourself to traditional flower pots or vases!

This vase, below, was another thrift store find. If you have a collected of acquired vases under your sink or in a cabinet, I challenge you to stop by your neighborhood thrift store and pick up one or two different shaped vases or vessels. They'll bring your flowers to the next level, I promise! By mixing it up, you'll find that it grabs your attention when you walk by. Beauty brings joy.

I wanted to also show you the same flowers, but dried. A different look, and probably not for everyone, but I love the character!

Pulled these lilies out of a standard bouquet mix - I think they're so interesting in this mini-vase and will be even more so when opened.

And... I succumbed to the peony craze. For the photo shoot at our house, I used peonies but they were a deep wine color…I was resisting the pink ones just because they're everywhere right now, but then I realized that was silly. There's a reason everyone is enjoying them - because they won't be around for long, and because they're BEAUTIFUL. So, I will enjoy them as well. I love them in this taller vase, and I think they'll look even prettier when they've opened a bit more.

So, the next time you pick up a bunch of flowers or a little potted plant, take a moment to arrange it in a new, unexpected way. It will be worth the extra effort for the joy it will bring - I promise!

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