May 29, 2014

photo shoot at our house: a glimpse

A huge milestone was reached this week as we had our home professionally photographed! My friend Ruth worked her magic and captured the space beautifully - I can't wait to see the photos. Of course, there are always updates and improvements I would love to implement down the road, but it was such a great feeling to embrace the current state of things, celebrate all the progress we have made, and capture it all properly! The way I think about clients' homes is so different than how I approach my own. With ours, it's always in a state of flux, as it's truly my lab and there is constant tweaking, experimenting, editing, layering, adding and taking away. It's never still. This was a different type of moment, and it was a little strange looking at our space through this more 'permanent' lens. It's hard to explain, but it really felt like a new day as we decided to capture it and say, "this is it," and get ready to share it! There were ideas I had been gathering for years in terms of styling moments, and to finally be able to walk around my house that morning and stage them….it was all a bit surreal, and just so fun. Of course, there will be future changes, and they will be captured one day, but for now, it's freeing to embrace this moment and just rest for a few. :) And it sure didn't hurt to have the house all neat and shiny and styled up, with fresh flowers, bowls of pretty fruit, and greenery! I wanted to share just a few fun shots from the day, to give you a taste. (If you follow me on instagram, you've seen some of these already, but not all :))

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