May 30, 2014

less house | more home

This resonates with me in a huge way. In the business of decorating, there's such a fine line between the 'stuff' in a home and the 'experience' of a home. Yes, the furnishings and physical surroundings affect us in a profound way (some of us more than others!), but it goes so much deeper. All that it is to us…a refuge at the end of each day...shared experiences and memories being made daily…meals and laughter shared with friends and family…special objects and pieces collected on our travels...the list goes on and is different for everyone! One of my passions is for people to tap into the way they live their lives on a daily basis, and squeeze every bit of 'home' out of the space where they live! 

I think one of the reasons I'm so drawn to a 'collected' look in decorating is because of the depth represented by items that have memories and stories connected to them. This doesn't happen overnight, and that's a good thing! In my opinion, spaces that are pulled together too quickly feel impersonal. A room doesn't feel complete to me until at least a few personal belongings find the perfect resting spot…treasured books on a bookcase, travel mementos gracing a vignette or an antique textile draped over a chair. These really bring a space to the next level, from 'pretty' to 'special.'  

Yes, of course I want it to look pretty, but so much of the purpose of the visual piece is to inspire…which comes back to experience. A cotton rug on your bare feet, curtains that blow in the breeze, a room layout which allows you to enjoy a view or pretty art on the wall…these are all quality of life moments, and I think that we too often settle into a way of life where other places hold these moments for us, but not so much our homes. 

What is it about your favorite restaurant that draws you there? It might be the food, but it's more likely a combination of things: the food, the atmosphere and the mood that's intentionally been created. Someone put time and effort into creating this 'moment.' In your home, you get to be that person! This is such a privilege we have, to carve out a little corner of the world and make it your own. To thrive and grow and be challenged and eat and rest in. We spend far too much time here to settle for anything less than our best. 

This means something different for everyone, but I challenge you to this little exercise today: Take a few minutes and think about a favorite memory in a home. It could be a childhood friend, your grandma's house, or a visit to a beach house. It's different for everyone, and this is good! God has planted unique desires in each of us, and only you know what speaks to you at that deep level. What is it about that memory that was so meaningful that it's stayed with you? Maybe a group of family or friends gathered around a candle-lit dinner table, sharing laughter and stories? Or the obvious warmth and love shown by the host or hostess, always with a welcoming word and smile? Whatever it is, start thinking about how you can bring this 'moment' into your current home. Rather than waiting for a 'someday' home, seize this moment and the precious gift that is your home. I guarantee you won't regret it. 

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