January 24, 2013

sprucing up the deck

One of our goals this year is to seal and stain our deck, and along with that to furnish it so that it can truly be an extension of our living space. It's amazing - huge and south-facing with tons of sun and warmth, and for much of the year we spend lots of time out there. I'm excited to make it a place that's more usable and comfortable.

Something that will really help warm it up visually is RUGS! I'm always keeping an eye out for deals on outdoor rugs.  I'm not willing to spend much because I'm certain they will fade in the intense sun. (We've had sandals shrivel up after a few hours in direct sunlight - I'm telling you, it's pretty intense :))

So, I was pretty excited to pick this up at Salvation Army for $5 last week! 

I think it's actually meant to be a beach mat...you can see the creases where it was folded in thirds. I'm sure they'll flatten out after a few days.

 don't mind the rugs on the railing hanging out to dry :)

Woo hoo! Now to find a table & chair set, two more rugs, a few potted plants, side tables...and all bargains like this one :)


  1. Looks beautiful! I love the color. Great find. Happy to find your blog and be a new follower. :)

  2. Very nice and cozy.....

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