January 11, 2013

it's a new year!

I may be a bit late, but I'm super excited about 2013 and what it will bring, and hope you are too!

We had a wonderful, long break over the holidays, visiting family in Michigan. My husband and I are both from Grand Rapids, so we're able to see both immediate families when we visit, which is awesome!  I thought I would share some highlights...

my parents' backyard, after a light snow

Dressing room adventures with one of my nieces, Isabel. (love the pose :)) We went shopping while my sister (Isa's mom) was in labor with baby #6. Every time my phone indicated a text or call, she would gasp and ask if it was time to go the hospital to meet her new brother. So cute and such a special memory :)

My immediate family on Christmas Eve: parents + seven of us siblings + spouses + kids

My husband, aka the Very Cool Uncle Tim busting out some old skateboard tricks on his nephew's new Christmas present.

 Me with another niece, Brielle. Cutie cutie pie! :)

My husband and a family friend providing Christmas Carols one evening. 

Magical snowflakes one evening - this doesn't really capture it, but it was one of those perfectly still, simply beautiful winter nights - we left a friend's house pretty late, and stood outside for a few minutes just taking in the gigantic snowflakes falling. Also, you can kind of see the amazing house in the background here, which is part of an historical district in Grand Rapids - my favorite neighborhood - full of beautiful, old homes, many of which are in desperate need of TLC and which can be purchased dirt cheap if you're interested in moving to MI!

 And another niece, Eliana, holding baby Owen! :)

My mom and one sister did some thrifting and antiquing one day and had so much fun! We spent most of the day in another area of GR which has gradually been revitalized over the past ten years or so, and is full of cute shops and restaurants. Above is the bakery where my parents bought their wedding cake 40 years ago - I loved how cute it was, especially with the simple Christmas decorations.

1 hour for a quarter?! this was pretty exciting to me, since you can typically expect 8 minutes for a quarter in SF :) 

 Loved this light spotted at one of the antique shops. Unique shape and finish, oh so classic and good :)

You can't tell so much from the photo, but this desk lamp was pretty oversized, which was part of what made it so fun.

 i brought home one of these beauties ;)

Such a fun and relaxing trip, and really special to be with our families for Christmas.

Just before we left for Michigan, we had our big Christmas musical production at church. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the choir in action, but this photo gives you glimpse of how beautiful our church looked decorated for Christmas. (my husband is at the keyboard with our pastor in the bottom left corner) As we look with anticipation at the year ahead, we're expecting God to do great things in San Francisco!

And after being away from home for so long, it felt wonderful to be back in breathtaking San Francisco....

 ...where drives home from ikea look this this :)

...where this was the view on my morning walk last saturday

...and where it seems perfectly acceptable to pull out a hot pink tablecloth in January! I love my city, and my home! Welcome, 2013...

Update: I realized I should also tell you that December was a month full of working on projects! I completed a really fun room in Salt Lake City, and am about halfway through a room we hope to wrap up next week. I'll share the first one really soon :)

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