February 19, 2013

thrifted bits

Hi everyone! Hope you had a fantastic (long :)) weekend.

I hit a few thrift stores yesterday. I was focused on finding a few missing pieces for an office I'm hoping to finish this week....and although that didn't happen, I did bring home a few really fun treasures and thought you might like to see.

El Salvador is carved in huge letters on the backs of these - totally handmade 
and will be right at home in our kitchen or dining room soon :)

With a little President's Day discount, I nabbed all four of the above for about $7 total!

Gorgeous little bowl and glass. Someday I'd love a set of moroccan drinking glasses, but I'll settle 
for this one for now - will be perfect for toothbrushes or pens or something :)

This little pineapple dish makes a pair, since I already had one (not exactly the same but very similar). 
For 75 cents, I'll take it!

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