July 16, 2014

plans for a classic, eclectic family room

Plans are underway with a local client to refresh their living room (and master bedroom - more on that soon!). I'm extremely grateful, blessed and thrilled to be working with this client on another project -- we've previously worked together on her son's nursery as well as a multi-purpose bedroom/office basement room (we have one or two loose ends to tie up, so no photos yet). 

Their living room is currently a mix of pieces she and her husband each brought to the house. She leans more eclectic (and has some moroccan pieces I LOVE), while he appreciates a more classic approach. I'm happy to find a very happy medium which they both can love! These two images are her top inspiration spaces and since they inspire me like crazy as well, this is going to be fun. 

Here's my high-level brainstorm of what jumped out at me in both images. I love that they have so many similar elements and themes...

The room is fairly large, and long with a beautiful fireplace in one corner. Between the fireplace, two large doorways and a wall of windows, the floor plan makes furniture placement a bit tricky. I love the challenge, and am excited to see how the room develops! We're still in the preliminary planning stages, but one idea is to keep their current rug, which is the design you see below. We may go in a different direction, but I wanted to give them an option with the existing rug, showing that it can definitely work with a more classic design. On its own, it might be considered more ethnic or even boho, but when mixed with some calming colors and patterns, the overall look is decidedly more traditional and relaxed. 

We also haven't finalized the furniture layout just yet, but I'm pulling for a cozy 'reading nook' area on one end of the room. I see this as a corner which draws you in to pull up your feet, turn on a cozy light to read... or just take a nap. :) For the nook, I'm proposing a gallery wall which will include family photos as well as collected art. I also see this as the perfect place for a bold pattern or two to balance the heaviness of the gallery wall. And…hoping my client's moroccan mirror can be incorporated into the mix!! 

Excited to see this room design evolve and come to life!

If you're interested in working together to make your home a place you love, please contact me at katiegaviganinteriors@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. so pretty! such fun mood boards...can't wait to see the real thing!


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