July 17, 2014

more styling tips: perfectly imperfect

I find that having things a little "imperfect" usually feels just right to me. Relaxed, casual, a little "off"…these, to me, are more appealing than perfect. 

This could be as simple as a beautiful scarf or bag (or both!) casually hanging from a doorknob. (Both shown above are thrift store finds, maybe $2 each.)

Beads! It's hard to go wrong with beads. Sometimes, thrift stores sell a bunch of broken strands in a bag. As long as they're not completely falling apart, snatch them up! Broken strands can be strewn about and look so effortlessly chic. Case in point: several of these strands - above and below - were tangled together and not labelled with a price. I asked and the cashier acted like I was crazy and gave me the whole knotted mess for .99. I LOVE the beach-y vibe of this strand of shells, above, and the larger string below. The silver tray above shows signs of age and wear. I like this. I could polish it to shiny 'perfection,' but I like the patina, the character, the soul.

The effortlessly casual thing applies to more than just beads. Tassels are definitely having a moment, and rightfully so. Big or small, they're just cool.

Scarves and beads can travel around the house - mix them up when you get tired of them in a certain spot. Note the use of trays, big or small, in these collections. One day I'll do a post on trays... in the meantime, just take my word for it that they're so versatile and useful! If you see a decent-looking tray for a great price, grab it and let me know - I'll give you many suggested uses for it!

A scarf or throw hanging over the edge of a basket also gives off the lived-in, cozy vibe that I love! Gives it some soul. Lets me know that it's okay to grab a blanket, put up my feet and stay awhile.

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  1. love the bead idea! so clever. love seeing all these small moments in your house.

  2. To me thats what home is: perfectly inperfect. It just feels so much better that way:)


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