July 16, 2014

a very cool room for two teen sisters

Are you guys excited? You should get excited, because this is a fun one. You might remember me showing some in-progress shots of this room awhile back, but after recently adding some final touches, we finally had proper photos taken. Let's take a little tour of this happenin' little spot...

The room is not big, so we had to get creative with the space. These two sisters previously had a trundle bed which they've really grown out of. They requested a cool place where they could relax, do homework and and also hang out with friends. We decided on two twin beds in an "L"-formation in the corner. The pillows are cozy and versatile for lounging here or on the floor. (They're hard to see here, but I love these long "lumbar" pillows along the back - the orange stripes on the right and light green on the left. I have several in our house as well, with different covers. They're actually "body pillows" from Target, and these cases are in their dorm decor section and the pillows as well as the covers are so reasonably priced, it's crazy. The ones in my house move from room to room - I seriously love them! Just today's little tip from me to you :))

The pillows are quite a mix. Let's see what we have represented here. In addition to Target mentioned above, sources are: Urban Outfitters, HomeGoods, a few my clients had already and one sewn by yours truly. Rug was from Urban Outfitters as well (last year). You probably recognized the Ikea Maskros light fixture, which was a perfect fit to mix with the poms requested specifically by the room's occupants. :)

I love this whole desk arrangement we have going on here. Desk is vintage, found via Craigslist. Bench also vintage, sourced from flea market, reupholstered and painted. Sconce is Ikea. Curtains are Ikea with velvet ribbon trim added by me. Basket in corner and pouf are both from Target. Most styling items are from HomeGoods or my house :)

Let's take a moment to talk about the green washi tape wall. I love it dearly. I might be partial because of the labor involved. It might look simple, but let me tell you…unless you're an engineering genius, it is not. Prior to installation day, I measured and calculated and sketched and planned, but my meticulous planning somehow fell short. My carefully measured pencil marks on the wall did not result in evenly-spaced lines or diamonds. SO, I went with what I know and trust...my eye! It's a very good thing that washi tape doesn't lose its adhesive powers by applying, peeling off, and re-applying. I just lightly placed one line after another until I was happy with the spacing, and when I finally had it, pressed all the lines firmly into place. It was beyond worth it…I love it so much and still think about doing some version of it in my house. The added layer of simple, crisp color is so gorgeous behind a gallery wall of any sort, in my opinion. I also love how we limited it to this one section of the wall, as it kind of defines the little desk station.

This room was such a fun project, and most importantly, my clients (parents and daughters :)) are happy! I love my amazing clients.

If you're interested in working together to make your home a place you love, please contact me at katiegaviganinteriors@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. darling room! I love all the bright colors and patterns...my daughter would LOVE a place like this.


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