July 26, 2013

Australia meets Mexico nursery progress

This week we put most of the final touches on this nursery, and I'd love to share some almost-there shots! 

The little guy who occupies this room was born three weeks early (he's doing great :)), and his room wasn't quite ready! So, we've been finishing up around him (literally, sometimes he's sleeping soundly in the crib while I'm working away in there)...not that I mind! It's been an added bonus to get to see his tiny little adorable self on my visits. :)

You may remember this post about the Australian Snugglepot and Cuddlepie art, which was our initial inspiration and jumping-off point for the room. We started with a color scheme of gray, green, yellow. Along the way, we decided to keep the blue curtains which were in the room already, and the blue was a beautiful addition.

On that note, allowing the creative process to happen is so important, in my opinion. Plans are good... and changing a plan is also fine! Decorating should be fun, and allowing yourself to take these decisions less seriously is healthy. I believe in having fun with decorating and letting your personal taste and personality shine through. This almost always requires some kind of processing, and isn't something that can be forced. I'm so grateful for clients who trust me enough to invite me into this process with them!

 How cute are they?!?!

Green frames above are Ikea Ribba. (painted, same color as pegboard below...I don't have the color off the top of my head but am happy to find it if anyone's curious)

This area is obviously being put to good use already, and we'll be working on filling and styling the pegboard and shelves in the near future. The beautiful dresser/changing table was a Craigslist find, along with the wall-mounted shelves (there's a matching one on the neighboring wall). They're nice and deep, with lots of room for storage and fun touches.

My clients have done a great job collecting books already, and these shelves are coming together. I just love the character, color and personality that's happening on the bookcase. Dad couldn't let mom have all the fun, and the Mexican puppets are giving the Aussie characters a run for their money in the cuteness department.

Cozy rocker corner, with a small Moroccan table (hard to see) and the perfect little lamp for nighttime feedings.

Oh, and we need to take a moment to talk about this rug. It is amazingly soft and cozy, the kind of rug that draws you in to hang out on the floor. :) I'm seriously considering getting one for our house - it's so good. Also, it's 65% off at the moment....you really can't beat it.

When we do proper photos, I'll be sure to get a close-up of the quilt. It's actually Snugglepot and Cuddlepie fabric (!!), tracked down by my client and sourced by her mom from a fabric store in Australia. And, a big shout out to my amazingly talented sister Emily, who sewed the quilt for us. The reverse side of the quilt is a combination of two fabrics, a gray/white stripe and yellow/white stripe.

My client purchased several sheet sets, all of which work great with the room.

More Australian characters :)

My clients have incredible taste, which makes my job even more fun! So, what do you think... what's your favorite part of this peaceful, cozy and personality-filled nursery? 

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