July 30, 2013

considering shelves

For a new project, I've been gathering images of open / floating shelves as inspiration. My clients have a modern condo in the SoMa district of San Francisco, and space is at a premium. Their taste leans clean and a bit minimalist; they've also collected lots of books over the years! I'm thinking that a perfect solution may be some open, airy storage.

I love the height of these shelves above. See how these floating shelves provide just as much storage as a long bookcase but without taking up floor space? Love that. Kind of gives the space a little more breathing room, and takes up less visual space. This entire space is really appealing to me... so relaxed and cozy, I want to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee. (Also can't get those hanging ferns out of my mind...they completely transform the space!!!)

Love how these acrylic ledges make such good use of just a few inches of wall space. And this photo actually provides a great illustration of what I'm talking about. Check out the bookcase to the right - doesn't it look heavy and clunky compared to the floating shelves on the left? Don't get me wrong - I LOVE a good bookcase, but in a small space it's important to consider the best use of every inch.

Painting these cubbies blue really makes them the focal point of the room - I would even say, a work of art! I'm not sure it's the look we're going for with this project, but it's a brilliant use of that wall, and definitely brightens up the space!

This is also a different style, but I am intrigued by the over-the-door ledge.

I typically prefer more symmetrical shelves, but this is really well done. Obviously it's more decorative, where we will need more practical storage... but I'm inspired and it has my wheels turning. :)

Although I am a huge fan of layers upon layers in general, bedrooms are probably the place where I prefer the least amount of visual 'extras.' I like to keep them free from unnecessary storage as much as possible. However, I think the white walls and overall simple design here really make this hanging shelf work. Also loving the relaxed, muted layers of this room overall.

All images via my Pinterest

I also see a few narrow ledges incorporated somewhere. A more relaxed, casual way to display art and I think it's the perfect vibe for this project. We shall see. :)

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  1. I really love that last bedroom. The textiles are amazing! Ahhh, and that first room, just beautiful!


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