July 22, 2013

a little bit of green

I know you all know this, but sometimes it's good to have a little reminder :)

Bringing some life into the house makes such a big impact, and can be so simple and inexpensive...

clippings from our yard, and a mini succulent which was snapped from a larger 
plant in the yard (and potted in a tiny 99 cent vessel from thrift store)

Pick up an inexpensive bunch of flowers at the grocery store. (Trader Joe's is my favorite go-to for flowers... cheap and great options.)

My clients in Montana sent the above picture today, which couldn't have been more perfect timing! These vases and arrangements in their kitchen are so simple, and so lovely. This kind of beauty enhances our lives so much, but is so often neglected.

Clip some leaves or branches from the yard.

Succulents are inexpensive and super low-maintenance. 

 fresh flowers in the top jar are from Trader Joe's... I grabbed a huge bunch for under $5

 clippings from our yard (in one of my thrift finds this past week...can you believe how amazing??)

I hope you're inspired to bring a little green into your home today :)

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