November 14, 2013

set the table

I pulled together a few very simple tabletops, to show you just how achievable it can be to have a beautiful, welcoming table for the holidays. Truthfully, I didn't spend more than five minutes on any one of these set-ups. It's that simple! Our dining room table itself isn't perfect, with a few marks and scratches, but this is real life. Let's not aim for perfection! It's about setting a space that draws you in, invites coziness and being together. Candles and decor were grabbed from around the house, and a few small branches clipped from the front yard. And there you have it!
The sun was crazy bright in our dining room (no complaints :)), which made decent photos challenging!

Can you spot them?

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  1. just found your blog last week. and now it's my new favorite. and this post is many great ideas in one post!


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