November 13, 2013

inspired to diy

Swept up in a very silly Facebook message conversation with my sisters the other day, I somehow agreed to a handmade-only Christmas gift exchange. My sisters are all very talented and resourceful (think: knitting, sewing, quilting, yard-bombing antlers, upholstery projects, etc. ;)...) and I had a moment of, "what did I get myself into??"  BUT then I got excited. I'm embracing it. After a bit of pinning last night, here's where I'm at...

VERY EXCITED by block prints. Have been wanting to try this forever. 

above images via Martha Stewart

for major inspiration, les indiennes

timeless & simple from saffron marigold 

Or perhaps something a little more crisp, modern.
the ultimate inspiration in my mind, mr john robshaw

Also inspired by this wood veneer necklace, which looks pretty simple. I used to make jewelry, so have some of these supplies already. Hmmm....

Love these!! Not as gifts, but while I'm on a roll with the diy, how about these gold-leafed avocado seeds to adorn my new block-printed napkins? Perhaps I'll try my first round of block-printed napkins for Thanksgiving, paired with these, as a test run. 

What about you? Do the holidays stir up those creative juices a little more than usual? Are you inspired to bake, simmer soup on the stove, get out the crafting supplies? This year, I am!

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