November 8, 2012

our new dining room banquette

Just a quick post to show pictures (as promised!) of the dining room with the new addition.

For a long time I've been thinking about some kind of a bench or banquette here. I assumed we'd have a simple bench built, mostly because I didn't think that a large piece of furniture like this would be in the budget. As I mentioned earlier, I found this at Salvation Army for a steal, and I think it's perfect for the space.

When we install the new chandelier (once I finally decide on a color!), I'll use a hook to center it above the table - the light fixture mount isn't really centered to the room in either direction but this can easily be fixed!

I find myself using this room much more often having a cozy seating option next to the table where I can pull up my feet and read, work, use the computer, etc. Definitely a huge upgrade if you ask me!

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