November 9, 2012

a room for two sisters

Meet my new clients...

I am so excited to be working with these two amazing young ladies on their bedroom design. Their family moved into a new home a few months ago, giving us a clean slate to work with.

Both girls have great taste and strong opinions about what they like (and don't like), which is awesome! We learned a few things at our first meeting.

They're both drawn to soft colors with some pops of darker colors.

A very pale pink paint might be a winner, including ceilings. Their room doesn't have much natural light and the right paint color will add a nice glow. We need to nail down a few other details before making a decision on the the paint color.

They both love canopies, which I'm pretty excited about. We're leaning towards an L-shaped bed in a corner - I think that a simple draped canopy design like the above could be great.

Both sisters are fans of this tufted velvet headboard. With the corner beds, we likely won't do headboards but perhaps we can find a place for some tufting on stools or a bench. :)

They both gasped when they saw these magical floating pom poms, so they will very likely be making an appearance. What I love about them is that they're a low-investment art choice which can be swapped out if/when the girls grow out of them as they get older. I believe that kids' rooms should be able to grow with them for at least several years, and I'll be designing this room through that lens. Stay tuned...this is going to be fun!!

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