November 28, 2012

recent happenings

Hello! I know I've been MIA and please believe me when I say how sorry I am! Blogging has been on my mind (and to do list!) but has been pushed out with so much going on around here. Just thought I'd share an update of some of the past few weeks' activities...

girlfriends, good food and gold leafing :)

and my version of black friday shopping...thrifting!

loved this set for our deck but passed on it (still thinking about it though!). so good!

first haul: tons of artwork for three projects i'm working on, $4 boots for upcoming trips to utah and michigan, awesome cozy sweatshirt, random accessories, fabric...all for less than $40! had another, even more successful run later in the day but didn't get photos (sorry!).

cool shadow box / cork board for the girls' room i'm working on. the paper lining is pretty cool but we'll probably switch it out...we'll see!

and then i hit the flea market early sunday morning before church....

rugs, rugs and more rugs!

ahhh this chest is just so good, but i couldn't justify it and really don't have a place for it! i think it will always be remembered as the elephant chest that got away.

love love love this table but again - no room for it myself and doesn't fit any current projects. so sad.

considered this chair to pair with a vintage desk for the girls' room but then found something even better...

snagged one of these amazing benches and can hardly wait to re-cover the seat with some awesome's gonna be great!!

also snagged this beauty for myself for just $10! pretty sure it's going to go over the bed...stay tuned :)

before all the shopping, of course, was thanksgiving! we celebrated with our church family which was great fun. i sprinkled in a few decorations...

darling friends jasmine and william posing in their thanksgiving outfits :)

my sister and i having a little too much fun setting up...ha! 

i'm off to finalize lots of details on two projects, help plan a Christmas Tea for 100 ladies this Saturday, and run errands! what a fun week! (don't worry, pictures will be shared :))

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