August 13, 2014

pretty details and moments

I love details. And layers. Mixing patterns and textures. Interesting combinations that catch the eye with delight and maybe a bit of surprise. My eye tends to search, wander for the new, the unique, the bold. There's so much beauty at fingers' reach today that I find myself craving the unexpected. I've seen designers at both of the ends of this spectrum -- there are those who, exposed to color all day long, crave a calm and neutral space to come home to. I fall into the opposite extreme. I need visual interest and stimulation. In our small home, too many layers easily turn into visual clutter, so I have to keep this in check and am constantly rotating and editing. But the little moments of fun are what bring character and a personal touch to a home, and I love them. And because I love seeing these peeks into others' homes - the corners that often escape the camera's lens - I thought it would be fun to take a little tour of details through our house. 

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  1. Hi Katie! Your home is beautiful. I really love your style.


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