August 12, 2014

dark and glossy

When I came across this image last week, I was reminded of and old craving for a dark and glossy room. I considered doing something intensely dark and moody for our bedroom, but settled on light and bright instead, mainly because the room doesn't get great natural light and I didn't want the dark walls to fall flat. The mirrors in this dressing room definitely help with the light factor. It's also a high-gloss treatment, which I've always wanted to try but wonder if a DIY version would have similar results.

This entire home tour is chock full of inspiration (that wallpapered bathroom!!!!), and let me tell you, I've been itching for some inspiration. I can't really blame it on the change of seasons (as Fall is not likely coming soon in SF), but there is change in the air and I feel some projects coming on!

If you're interested in working together to make your home a place you love, please contact me for 
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