October 24, 2013

good enough is sometimes great

Welcome to my new work space. It's also a corner of our dining room. But let me back up...

As my business has steadily grown over the past year (which I'm sooooo grateful for), I've increasingly felt the need for a dedicated office space to work from. We have a guest room which I was sort of using as my office as well, but it needed to be revamped to become an office first, guest room second. I started painting it and gathering some of the pieces towards the end of the summer...and then we had a change of plans...

My brother decided to move back to San Francisco! and asked if he could stay with us until he finds a place of his own. Of course, we're thrilled to have him back here and this is well worth a little delay in my office progress! So, for the past few weeks he's been camping out in a half-painted room (there's still painters tape on the trim :/ ...) and I'm busy scheming some grand plans in my head for that room.

In the meantime though, with two client installations coming up (meaning growing collections of frames, artwork, mirrors, pillows, lamps, plants, even some small furniture...), in addition to regular work stuff like piles of paperwork, notes, receipts, mail, etc... my style was feeling a little cramped! I noticed I've been having a hard time focusing on work as I would carry my piles and laptop from the sofa to the island to the dining room table. I figured I could come up with a better interim solution, so took a few minutes to walk around the house and brainstorm...

There was a desk in the basement waiting for its home in the new office. (It was previously our dining room table.) Our dining room, though not huge, had the most flexible space. I did some quick measuring and decided I could make it work. I just scooted the dining table & chairs over a few inches to make room for the desk. Previously in this spot was a table of orchids which was also relocated in the process.


I also made room on a nearby shelf for more supplies and corralled loose/small items like receipts into boxes to at least give the appearance of being organized! It's seriously amazing how these little things can make a huge difference to my ability to focus and be productive. I think the best proof is that I'm here, blogging!

So while this might not be my ideal, at the moment it feels like bliss. Less than an hour's worth of work = success!!

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