March 14, 2013


I have to admit I've been pretty focused lately on getting a few rooms in our house 'finished,' (oh what a temporary state that is... ;)) and in the progress haven't often stopped to recognize just how much progress has been made. My natural focus is on what's next / what I see that bothers me right now, but I'm making an effort to tweak this way of thinking, so let's go!

My husband was out of town for a few days recently, so I enjoyed my freedom by reserved my ZipCar minivan and loaded it up at Ikea....wooo hoooo! (Isn't that everyone's idea of fun?! :))

I had spotted this shelving unit on their website. For $15, it was the perfect temporary storage solution for the dining room. Part of my 'embracing the process' mindset is realizing that those perfect pieces often - usually - take time to stumble upon. It's not something you can rush. But in the meantime, some functional storage was pretty important to me, and $15 is not a bad investment to solve this dilemma! Agreed?

Moving some of our plates over here meant FINALLY having room on the kitchen shelves for our beautiful collection of glasses. As you may remember, I talked about this struggle last year.

Here are the beautiful rows of glasses!

(may I remind you, they were previously being stored on top of the refrigerator and a kitchen felt soooooo good to bring them out and display them as they deserve :))

The shelves aren't the only change to the dining room. This mirror was nabbed at HomeGoods last week and I am in love. It was one of those things...I didn't necessarily have a location in mind for it, but it's so gorgeous and I knew it could easily fill any number of given spots in our house. So, here it is for now....

So beautiful, right?!

And finally, if you're super-duper observant and know my house well, you may have noticed a different dining table in the first photo above! I'll share more of that soon...I do believe it has some neon-dipped legs in its future. And the tulip table has been relocated, which you'll see more of tomorrow :)

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